A physical exam is a routine health check. It allows medical providers to assess your current health status and identify any issues that have developed or could occur in the future. Some companies also require that their staff have a physical before they start work or throughout their employment. The experienced team at Usborne Family Medicine, Inc. in Covina, California, encourages the whole family to schedule regular physical exams to maintain good health and practice preventive care. Schedule yours today. Call the practice or click Contact Us.

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What is a physical exam?

Many people see their doctor only when something’s wrong. Yet, practicing preventive care is just as, if not more important. A physical exam is a routine appointment that allows your provider to perform a comprehensive health check.

You don’t have to be ill to request a physical exam. You may need a physical to return to work following sickness or injury, or when starting a new job. But you can — and should — schedule one even when you’re healthy so that your provider can monitor your health. Physicals exams allow your provider to:

  • Identify potentially serious issues before they get worse
  • Catch disease early on
  • Assess your lifestyle
  • Build better partner-provider relationships

By attending a physical exam, you and your provider at Usborne Family Medicine gain a better understanding of your wellness needs and can put in place measures to keep you feeling your best.

What does a physical exam include?

At your first physical exam, your provider at Usborne Family Medicine asks you to complete a health survey to learn more about you: your age, current health status, and medical history. They use this information to address your specific needs. A typical physical exam includes the following:


Your provider checks your eyes, nose, mouth, ears, skin, hair, and nails for abnormalities. They test your reflexes and may feel your abdomen.


Your provider also performs a visual examination. They review your physical appearance — how healthy you look and the condition of your hair and skin — and watch you walk and stand to assess mobility and posture.

Health screening

Your provider measures your pulse rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure. Based on your health survey, they may also screen you for any medical conditions you could be at risk of developing.


If you’re due any vaccines, you can have these during your physical examination. Remember to check when you book your appointment, as your provider may need to order your vaccine.

The caring providers at Usborne Family Medicine are always happy to answer questions and discuss your health concerns.

What does a physical exam screen for?

Your age, gender, or family history determines the conditions you should be screened for. They may include:

  • Lung cancer
  • Colon cancer
  • Diabetes
  • Cholesterol tests
  • Depression
  • Sexually transmitted diseases
  • Mammogram, pap smear, and breast exams (women only)
  • Prostate cancer and testicular cancer (men only)

Partner with a provider who makes your health a priority. Call Usborne Family Medicine, Inc. today or request an appointment through this website.